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The Chicopee Separator
The Chicopee Separator outperforms the competition
The patented Chicopee Separator
is regarded as the standard for quality!

Our separators are designed with retainer clips that are pre-positioned and welded to the flange and bottom plate to ensure metal to metal contact throughout the separator package. This also adds critical strength that keeps our elements from distorting during operation. Every stage of the development of the Chicopee Separator has come about from our desire to produce the best product possible.

Our newly patented separator cap attachment system ensures mechanical integrity and that electrical continuity is optimized. This makes the Chicopee Separator the most durable and the best performing filter out there. Our separator elements may cost a little more, but their performance, their dependability and the resultant savings in operational expenses keeps our customers returning for the Chicopee Separator.

Air/Oil Separators
Air/Oil Separators provide for the separation of oil from the air stream of vane, rotary, screw or refrigeration type air compressors. Chicopee Engineering manufactures a wide range of separators from 4" to 21" diameters including outside to inside, inside to outside, vertical or horizontal installations of both conventional wrap and pleated designs.

Conventional Wrap Separators
The patented Chicopee Separator is recognized for its quality and distinct appearance with its zippered felt sleeve. This design has proven to be a durable fastening and pre-filter combination.

Pleated Separator

Exclusively produced on equipment designed and built by us, the uniform, sturdy, 1/2" pleated structure yields 20-50% more filter area over conventional wrap designs. Our 1" or "Extended Pleat" design introduced several years ago increases filter area by 65-75% over our standard pleated structure. Our exclusive pleated designs offer advantages in providing substantial savings in cost, space, weight and packaging. Our pleated separators all provide improved pressure drop in a smaller filter package.

Extended Pleat Separator

The "Extended" pleat design offers
the following advantages:
• Less Weight
• Smaller Unit Size
• Improved Pressure Drop
• Ease of Service
• Greater Efficiency
• Standardization Opportunities
• Less Warehouse Space
• Lower Shipping Cost

Chicopee Engineering Associates, Inc.
1247 East Main Street, Chicopee, MA 01020
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